Pressemeldung 01/2018 -InoventiQ Group nimmt den Südafrikanischen Sänger Kobus Muller unter Vertrag

Der international bekannte Sänger Kobus Muller, der mit zahlreichen bedeutenden Awards und Preisen für seine Musik ausgezeichnet wurde, hat sich zu seinem nächsten Karriereschritt in Europa entschieden und die InoventiQ Group mit seinem Management beauftragt.

Der international bekannte Sänger Kobus Muller, der mit zahlreichen bedeutenden Awards und Preisen für seine Musik ausgezeichnet wurde, hat sich zu seinem nächsten Karriereschritt in Europa entschieden und die InoventiQ Group mit seinem Management beauftragt.

Kobus hat eine beeindruckende und starke Stimme. Dabei begeistert er mit Natürlichkeit und Leidenschaft für Musik. Ich prognostiziere ihm eine steile und erfolgreiche Karriere – jeder, der ihn singen hört, ist  fasziniert von seiner Stimme und Persönlichkeit. Ich bin sicher, dass es genau der richtige Zeitpunkt ist, seine globale Präsenz jetzt entschieden auszubauen. Wir sind sehr stolz und freuen uns, dass wir die Möglichkeit haben, Kobus im Europäischen Markt vertreten zu dürfen“ sagt InoventiQ Group CEO Stephan Jung.

„Ich habe mich zur Zusammenarbeit mit der InoventiQ Group entschieden, weil Stephan und sein Team ein absolut einzigartiges Netzwerk haben. Weiterhin haben sie exzellente Erfahrung im Positionieren von Brands und Persönlichkeiten. Ich war z. B. sehr beeindruckt, dass wir binnen 24 Stunden nach meiner Ankunft in Deutschland bereits den ersten großen Vertrag  für einen glanzvollen Galaball mit über 2.000 geladenen VIP Gästen geschlossen haben. Es finden aktuell so viele weitere aufregende Gespräche statt und ich bin sehr begeistert, was jetzt alles passiert“ ergänzt Kobus Muller.

Kobus präsentiert einen Auszug aus seinem Galaprogramm in einer Continue reading “Pressemeldung 01/2018 -InoventiQ Group nimmt den Südafrikanischen Sänger Kobus Muller unter Vertrag”

Press Release 01/2018 -InoventiQ Group signed management and consulting agreement with South Africa born singer Kobus Muller

The internationally released artist – Kobus Muller, who received numerous prestigeous awards for his music, decided to take the next  big step to increase his presence in Europe.

„Kobus has an amazing and powerful voice. Besides that he is extremely authentic and passionate about music. I predict a fast and successful growth of his global career. Everyone who has heard him sing was blown away by his voice, presence and personality. I am convinced, that now it is the right time to intensify his presence. We are extremely proud and honored for the opportunity to be able to represent Kobus in the European Market“ says InoventiQ Group CEO Stephan Jung.

„I took the decision to work with the InoventiQ Group because Stephan and his team have a very unique network. Furthermore they are very experienced in working strategically with the positioning of brands and people. I was very impressed that within 24 hours after arriving in Germany we already signed the first big contract for a very prestigeous gala event with more than 2.000 invited VIP guests. There are so many new and exciting things being planned and I am extremely excited for what is still to come“ says singer Kobus Muller.

 On Friday, April 20th Kobus will present a selection of Continue reading “Press Release 01/2018 -InoventiQ Group signed management and consulting agreement with South Africa born singer Kobus Muller”

PRESS RELEASE: 1 March 2018 |

The INTERNATIONALLY released South African born singer – Kobus Muller​, is back with yet another brand-new hot single inspired by the popular 90’s animation movie – The Lion King​.

Kobus Muller is the former winner of the popular South African TV singing competition – Supersterre, and currently signed to the European record label giant – Nextereo Records.

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Are you ready for the heat? You better be, because the talented Kobus Muller who grew up in Springs, South Africa, has earned himself success as an  international renowned vocalist.

Now, he’s back under the South African sun – and his hot!

His versatility, good looks and down to earth attitude have earned him various awards and audience popularity. With Top 10 and Nr 1 positions on radio stations worldwide, Kobus is once again set to capture the hearts of his fans.

His brand-new album Summer’s Leaving portrays his beautifully toned voice in a variety of styles, and celebrates his first decade in the Music Industry with flair.

Let’s pause for a moment, reflecting on his musical roots.


It all started ten years ago when he won the popular Patricia Lewis and SABC 2 TV singing competition Supersterre,  in 2007. Over 2 million viewers voted weekly for Kobus.

He quickly won over millions of viewers with his vocal ability and genres – ranging from high range renditions of songs by international artist Continue reading “Press Release – KOBUS MULLER – SUMMER’S LEAVING”


Kobus Muller won the popular Patricia Lewis and SABC 2 TV singing competition Supersterre in 2007. Over 2 Million viewers voted weekly for Kobus.

Kobus quickly won over millions of viewers with his genre ranging between Josh Groban en Mathys Roets. Songs like You Raise Me Up and Jerusalem was got standing ovations on several times. It was clear to everyone that his voice can do a variety of genres. His modern version of the Afrikaans hit song Geelperske reën immediately was a Continue reading “Who is KOBUS MULLER?”

Ek is aangeneem as kind …

Kobus Muller het nooit geweet wat die volle waarheid van sy verlede is nie. Tog is hy omvou met die liefde en aanvaarding wat elke kind toekom.

As klein seuntjie was daar reeds baie dinge wat nie vir my sin gemaak het nie. Daar was byvoorbeeld nie een foto van my ma waar sy swanger is met my in enige van ons foto-albums nie. Sy het altyd gesê die foto’s is geneem toe sy swanger was met my broer. ” Op die ouderdom van 12 jaar het ek dinge uitmekaar begin pluis en my ouers het besef dat hulle nie langer die waarheid van my kon weghou nie. Ek is nie hulle biologiese seun is nie. Ek is aangeneem by geboorte. Ek was diep geskok. Daagliks het ek ’n innerlike stryd gevoer en honderde vrae gehad sonder enige antwoorde. My familiebande Continue reading “Ek is aangeneem as kind …”

Kobus Muller steel harte in Europa!

Dagblad Beeld berig: Van ’n Superster in Suid-Afrika tot superster in Duitsland en binnekort ook Nederland en Engeland.  Dit is die sprokiesverhaal van Kobus Muller (27) van Springs, wat feitlik oornag van net nóg ’n plaaslike sanger ontpop het in ’n internasionale sanger wat reeds ’n treffer in Duitsland het.  Hy het die reeks Supersterre op SABC2 in 2007 gewen.  Muller kon gister steeds nie glo hoe sy hele lewe handomkeer verander het sedert einde Februarie nie.  “Einde Februarie het ek ’n e-pos ontvang van die oorsese maatskappy Toi Toi Toi Records wat van my liedjies op YouTube gesien het.  Hulle wou ’n akoestiese liedjie van my hoor.  Ek het sommer op my selfoon ’n liedjie opgeneem waarin ek myself op ’n kitaar begelei en vir hulle gestuur.  Daarna het dinge baie vinnig gebeur.  Hulle het my gevra om dringend Duitsland toe te kom.  Ek het inderhaas soontoe vertrek en is by my aankoms ’n kontrak aangebied.  Ek is sommer dadelik na ’n ateljee geneem waar ek verskeie Continue reading “Kobus Muller steel harte in Europa!”

Kobus Muller steals hearts in Europe!

Beeld reports: From a superstar in South Africa to a superstar in Germany, and soon the Netherlands and England as well.  This is the fairy tale of Kobus Muller from Springs, who overnight rocketed from a local talent into an international sensation with a hit in Germany.  In 2007 he won the series Supersterre on SABC2.  Muller still cannot believe how his entire life has somersaulted since February.  “At the end of February I received an e-mail from the international company Toi Toi Toi Records who saw my songs on YouTube.  They wanted to hear an acoustic song.  I recorded the song on my cell phone while accompanying myself on guitar, and I sent it off.  Things happened very quickly after that.  They asked me to come to Germany immediately.  I went there and was offered a contract on my arrival.  I was taken to a studio where I recorded several songs, amongst others songs written for international stars such as Modern Talking and Michael Bolton.  The studio where the recordings were done is used by several international singers.  My first Continue reading “Kobus Muller steals hearts in Europe!”

South African Singer Makes International News!

Press Release Released by Toi Records 14 April 2013
Kobus Muller is already on everyone’s lips in South African, his homeland and soon he will be well known in more countries. He recently signed with Toi Toi Toi Records in Germany, Europe. Only 27 years of age, with a lot of achievements in various fields. The Singer, musician (piano & guitar), Actor and Model won the well-known TV-Series “SUPERSTERRE” which is considered the South African version of “Germany sucht den superstar”.

The very talented, brunette singer / songwriter has several interesting and promising talent. For one, the athletic young man looks very good; He is therefore a highly sought after model and already acted as an actor and won the ‘heat’ Magazine’s “Manwatch Competition” as “sexiest man” and sexiest body (“sexiest torso”) in South Africa in 2012. Kobus is a traditional Pop vocalist in terms of 60s and 70s icons Engelbert, Tony Christie, Paul Anka, or even Frank Sinatra. Continue reading “South African Singer Makes International News!”

The STAR who has it all!

kobus muller

The guy with the six-pack, who won the 2012 heat ManWatch competition, is none other than Boksburg singer and songwriter Kobus Muller, winner of Supersterre 2007.

Kobus Muller went from lanky to hunky within a year and is now the proud owner of a sculpted body with the title to confirm it. He has also added underwear modelling to his repertoire. “In July 2011 I sat down with biokineticist Hennie Fourie to work out a programme to gain weight,” says Kobus. “I weighed 58 kilograms and was too shy to take my shirt off. To motivate myself I set short- and long term goals; to take part in an underwear shoot after six months of training and to enter heat ManWatch a year later.” His hard work and determination paid off. “It was a rewarding journey. I now weigh 84 kilograms and still visit the gym seven days a week.” Continue reading “The STAR who has it all!”