Kobus Muller steals hearts in Europe!

Beeld reports: From a superstar in South Africa to a superstar in Germany, and soon the Netherlands and England as well.  This is the fairy tale of Kobus Muller from Springs, who overnight rocketed from a local talent into an international sensation with a hit in Germany.  In 2007 he won the series Supersterre on SABC2.  Muller still cannot believe how his entire life has somersaulted since February.  “At the end of February I received an e-mail from the international company Toi Toi Toi Records who saw my songs on YouTube.  They wanted to hear an acoustic song.  I recorded the song on my cell phone while accompanying myself on guitar, and I sent it off.  Things happened very quickly after that.  They asked me to come to Germany immediately.  I went there and was offered a contract on my arrival.  I was taken to a studio where I recorded several songs, amongst others songs written for international stars such as Modern Talking and Michael Bolton.  The studio where the recordings were done is used by several international singers.  My first international single, Turn Up Your Radio, was released in Germany.  I’ll be back in Germany within the next few months to record complete CDs in German, English and Dutch.  Afrikaans will always remain my first love, but it is interesting to record in other languages.  I’m looking forward to representing South Africa internationally,” Muller said.  In the meantime he is working on his German and Dutch pronunciation.

We’ve asked Kobus to keep us up to date regarding his international appearances!
Update 2017/08/25 – Nextereo Records obtained all of the licensing from Toi Records to release all of his European music Worldwide. These tracks including new tracks can be found on Kobus Muller’s latest album – Summer’s Leaving, released 25 August 2017. The album is also available on all leading online music stores, his website www.kobusmuller.co.za and www.nextereorecords.com.

[Source: Article and photo: Beeld.]



(W) www.KobusMuller.co.za
(E) info@kobusmuller.co.za
(F) www.facebook.com/kobusmullerfanpage


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