Kobus Muller – Summer’s Leaving


Release Date: 2017
Record Label: Nextereo Records
Barcode: 0713153574921

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  1. Tonight I’ll Be With You (Danny Top Mix)
  2. Summer’s Leaving
  3. You Are Like Sunshine In The Night (Danny Top Mix)
  4. Turn Up Your Radio (Danny Top Mix)
  5. Love On Fire
  6. Hey Du
  7. Daylight
  8. I Say I Love You
  9. Nothings Perfect
  10. Hey Du (Danny Top Fox Mix)
  11. Black Roses
  12. Bright Eyes
  13. Say Something
  14. Daylight (Remix)
  15. You Are Like Sunshine In The Night (Danny Top Mix)
  16. Turn Up Your Radio / Ich Komm Nicht Aus Dem Bett (Duet Jan Hayston)
  17. Tonight I’ll Be With You / Im Falle Eines Falles (Duet Ralf Cerne)
  18. Hey Du (Fox Mix)
  19. Turn Up Your Radio (Radio Version)
  20. Tonight I’ll Be With You (Radio Version)


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